Mr. Fiyaz has previously held real estate interests in a number of super prime residential and commercial properties in the UK, the highest profile of which is Rutland Gardens in Knightsbridge. While the London market remains a major focus, he is seeking further investments in India, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Mr. Fiyaz expects to continue the growth of a worldwide portfolio of property acquisitions and developments globally.

One example of the developments Mr Fiyaz undertook:

Rutland Gardens - Knightsbridge

The house is a cutting edge design, with state of the art technology that keeps it secrets until you pass inside, where the space expands before you.

Arranged over 4 stories with natural light to all floors, the additional space to this house is truly amazing.

The sense of privacy and security that the location offers is priceless and the unique setting is timelessly elegant.

Finding a private outdoor space in London is a challenge, however the space that was created provides a fantastic tranquil environment.

The emphasis on health and well being is evident, the swimming pool is one of the deepest private pools in London, and with the Jacuzzi, make a great place to relax after a hard day. There is a well appointed gym and you can always follow up with the steam room before having a facial or massage in the spa room next-door.